Take #25

You should totally listen to last weeks radio show over here! My friend Mike brought in a lovely selection of tracks =) Also, my friend Paul will be coming on this evening with some great tracks, and covering a great selection of genres. I can’t wait! Tune in tonight (Tuesday 24th Feb) over at Shock Radio!



I heard this for the first time the other day whilst on a mixcloud-internet-trawl, and this popped up as the first track during an NTS radio cast. I then listened to it about 8 times in a row, dragging the cursor back to the beginning of the cast after each listening. It instantly reminded me of film noir, and that L.A. Noir Game that I used to be in love with, so I found it rather fitting when I found out it had been included in a Film Noir compilation album (as you can see in the youtube video below). I love listening to this kind of Jazz when I can see the city lights, like when I’m sat on the tram in the rain looking at Manchester from the outskirts – as I was on my way home from work this evening. A lovely little number, and well worth a listen.



I don’t think anyone who knows me could have expected anything less from me – I went mental when I found out Maribou State had signed to ‘Ninja Tune’ sister record label ‘Counter Records’ (that’s the one with Andreya Triana, Howling and Submotion Orchestra) and that they’re releasing a new album very soon. With collaborations with their long time musical partner in crime Pedestrian, along with vocals from Holly Walker, who has previously sounded absolutely gorgeous on everything she has done with Maribou State, it’s safe to say I am ecstatic! Might even pre-order the vinyl… Ooooh… Anyway, this track is available to download from the ‘Ninja Tune’ website, and it’s a great teaser for what’s to come.




So this is included in a ‘Free Saalk’ playlist on soundcloud – took me ages to figure out that ‘Free Saalk’ is the name of Saalk’s new album, rather than a bunch of free tracks that they just hadn’t given the free download link for (because yes, I am a massive free loader). I also couldn’t really figure out what the playlist description was talking about, even after pasting it into google translator. But never mind, I just love this track, and the Dutch spoken word. The bit where it sounds a bit like he’s saying ‘Enveloke’ makes me smile! I know this makes me sound very naaive, ignorant and ill-informed – I literally have no idea what this is about, but I don’t think that should stop me from enjoying it and singing its praises. I don’t know if the performer is also the beatmaker, but the backing is fucking lovely, and I can say the same for the other tracks on the album. I’m totally going to buy this (when I figure out how on earth I do that…)




Wow, the soundcloud description has got it spot on, you really do think nothing’s really happening, and then everything is definitely happening. Even though it’s taken well over half an hour, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my three full listens. I’d also recommend listening to the original – it starts off with a lovely piano section, although the male vocal is a bit wailing at first, it sounds lovely with the bassey harmonies underneath, especially when the track fills out. I think both versions deserve a lot of praise, but my favourite is definitely the remix. An 11 minute deep, almost industrial, journey, and it’s brilliant.




Everything I’ve read about this guy makes me want to meet him – drum & bass producer-come-jazz saxophonist? Can one man be any more up my street? But enough of the man behind the music, let’s talk about the music itself. This is technically fantastic and, as all the other reviews will say as well, you can hear all sorts of musical influences going on. I also think that rhythmically, this is far more interesting than a lot of drum & bass being produced at the moment, and proper loving the drop to 140! Pretty risky for a newcomer, but maybe that’s part of what grabbed Ram’s attention…  I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to Fandango today – on my speakers whilst changing the settings, on my headphones in my house, and even in the anechoic chamber at uni (that was a weird one). Suffice to say, I want to hear what else Bensley will have to offer.